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In the past I have looked at massages as an occasional special treat.   Although I have found them very relaxing it's not an expense I felt I could justify on any regular basis.  That was until I had the opportunity to receive a therapeutic massage with Karyn Chapman. Getting older and being a continual gardener has taken its toll on my back.  After one session with Karyn, I felt a marked improvement in my back which I hadn't with any previous massages. I now see her on a regular basis. Karyn personalizes her sessions making sure she understands your needs and expectations as well as any pertinent medical information. Her expertise and years of experience have given her the skills to work with the body not only with relaxation but also the ability to relieve tension and stress as well as addressing problematic areas. I highly recommend Karyn as her massages are truly therapeutic and can enhance your health and lifestyle.


      You are the best!!            Kathy H, Culpeper, VA


I have received physical body massages/therapies from highly recommended professional massage therapists throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Karyn Chapman is a Healer as well as a Physical Body Massage Therapist.

I can personally proclaim that I have been going to Karyn for 8 years whenever I have muscular or joint pain. She has always miraculously healed my pain with resulting positive and lasting results.

Recently, Karyn performed a healing process on my body. The process is named after the Cranial Sacral area and the fluid transfer herein. Namely, Cranial Sacro Therapy was performed on me by Karyn which completely healed my ailing lower back. It was the most complete and wonderful physical healing of my life.

Karyn Chapman is a brilliantly learned and exceptionally experienced Massage Therapist.

Karyn is the Best!

Many Thanks               ,M. Virginia


Karyn is a gifted, knowledgeable, professional healer. She uses both skill and intuition during her massages to focus in on the areas of the body that need the most attention. I have some health issues that cause muscle tightness and pain. She has helped relieve my pain and restored mobility in several areas, from my neck to my shoulders to my back and hips. Thanks to Karyn, I am able to keep moving.

Not only does she offer in-person physical massages, but she can provide remote Reiki sessions that result in deep relaxation, stress relief, the removal of energetic blockages from the body, and a lasting sense of calm and peace. I wish I could have a session with her every night before I go to bed! These remote sessions are perfect for when you wish you could get a massage but are not feeling well enough for an in-person visit or if you need some quick relief without having to drive anywhere. – Elizabeth H.

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