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Soma Cupping

Cupping is not exclusive to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Variations of this treatment were used by ancient Egyptians, North American Indians, early Greeks, and in other Asian and European countries. Cupping therapy was recommended by Hippocrates, the man whom many consider to be the “Father of Modern Medicine,” in his guide to clinical treatment .Until the invention of modern materials, these cups were always made of glass, a fragile, inflexible material. Glass was difficult to use because to create the suction needed for therapeutic effects, practitioners needed to use a smouldering taper inside the cups to heat it, then quickly place the cup on the body. The cooling of the air inside the cups resulted in the therapeutic suction. Now cups are made of a flexible silicone that is easy you use and control and is safer.

Combining the ancient traditions of Asian medicine and key fascia-releasing techniques, Soma Cupping massage therapy brings together the best of both worlds  As a therapist using this technique I have found soma cupping helps separate the layers of the fascia.   This encourages nerve conduction by allowing blood flow and stimulating machnoreceptors and propriocepters which in turn helps to calm the nervous system. This in turn alleviates pain and accelerates healing.

Soma Cupping is one of the best ways to relieve tightness and pain in the body by creating space between the fascial layers encouraging blood flow, boosting circulation, bringing in oxygen and other nutrients, toning skin and tissues, and promoting lymph flow that may otherwise be stagnant.

Cupping .uses suction to pull toxins and cellular waste from the deeper body tissues into the more superficial layers, where normal blood and lymphatic circulation can remove it from the body. The suction also encourages blood flow, which brings fresh blood, lymphatic fluid, oxygen, and nutrients into the area, which can accelerate healing and alleviate pain. Soma cupping can also be used over scar tissue adhesions that are interfering with CNS conduction. While cupping may not banish the scar completely it can be loosened enough to allow better proprioceptive feedback and again, blood circulation!

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